• Early diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues for children.  
  • Ensure that confidentiality is protected for those who seek mental health services.
  • Untreated and/or under-treated mentally ill individuals within the criminal justice system must be identified & treated
  • Adequate funding for mental health and addiction services
Mental Health and Recovery
Voter Rights
Public Education

for State Representative

  • Ensure that all eligible voters have access to the polls.  
  • Eliminate barriers that suppress voter turnout.
  • Reduce the influence of 'big money' in the political process
  • Enact automatic and online voter registration
These are priorities Denise will focus on...
  • Adequate and equitable state funding for all Ohio public schools. 
  • Reduce over reliance on local property taxes to fund public schools.
  • Eliminate unfunded and/or underfunded mandates from the state legislature.  
  • Maintain local control of school districts by duly elected boards of education.  State takeover of local school districts is not desirable and limits the voice the people to have a say in how their school district is operated

A strong system of common schools is important to our democracy.  We must address...

​​Denise Baba

Its estimated that 18% of the U.S. population has a mental health condition and that an increasing number of young people are affected by mental health issues.  We must address...

Our democracy thrives when citizens participate in free and democratic elections.  We must...